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    I have recently been given the pleasure to try out a game called Democracy 3. I had heard of the game through my regular wondering through the gaming world and it was with a daunted excitement that I launched into the game. I felt daunted because the basic premise of the game is that the player must try to run a country while pleasing the voters as well as keeping the deficit down. A thought occurred to me that such a game would be immensely complex and difficult. However I was completely wrong upon that thought.

    Democracy 3 manages to deliver a very deep management system which at the same time is masterfully simplified into a very appealing and instructive overlay of connected buttons. With the use of flowing arrows and lines the system points out in a very clear manner how everything affects each other through the use of policies. With the ability to introduce remove and adjust existing policies the game becomes a very delicate balance of decisions which have large implications upon your countries overall happiness as well as the economy. I found that if I attempted to give my people everything they desired my debt escalated and other voter groups such as capitalists became very unhappy.

    Furthermore, the game offered a huge variety of information in regards to the different voter demographics as well as what policies had affected their stance towards your style of government. Democracy 3 gave you all the information you needed to run the country, keeping you well informed

    I take my hat off to the game developers whom it seems have taken every effort to deliver a country management system that feels like you have every control over the complex direction of your country but at the same time simplified the management of such to make it easy for all to use.

    This game is a strategist's dream and is worth every penny, a truly exceptional and rewarding experience. I would like to thank the company for allowing me to try out their games.

    The game is available on steam, please check out the store page here

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    Lol Democracy, a game that can teach you how to properly run a country.... or.... run it into chaos lol :p. Great review man!
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    The game looks really awesome! So many things to mess around with

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